Tiger Turf


Easts Hockey Tiger Turf  is a new generation state of the art International standard synthetic hockey surface known as TigerTurf WETT (water efficient TigerTurf). This surface is a fully tested and approved to international playing levels. See certificates and test results attached. It is a water based surface (it has no sand dressing). It was selected after an extensive evaluation of the surfaces offered by the three main suppliers of hockey surfaces.

This new generation Hockey surface is made from polyethylene yarn(many existing surfaces are  polyprolyene) made by a German supplier– Schramm. The benefits of this yarn are:

  • Although initially more expensive to purchase it is extremely durable providing a longer life expectancy – eight year guarantee.
  • Little sign of deformation or change after extensive wear testing.
  • 50 per cent less water required on the playing surface.
  • Less friction between ball and surface resulting in a faster more consistent game and improved  grip that allows the player to dictate the play not the ground

This type of surface has now been installed in many locations around Australia and the world.

If you would like any further information about our facility please contact us on management@eastshockey.org.au or contact Leonnie Howard on 0421 907 929.

Fees & Hire Charges




  • Senior with or without lights $ 240.00;
  • Junior with or without lights $ 210.00;
  • Schools without lights $ 130.00;
  • Veterans $ 220.00

TRAINING – Peak Full Field

  • Senior with or without lights $ 170.0;
  • Junior with or without lights $ 135.00

TRAINING – Peak Half Field

  •  Senior with or without lights $ 90.00;
  • Junior with or without lights $ 72.50

TRAINING – Off Peak Full Field 

7:00am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday (Clubs)

  • Senior without lights $ 123.00;
  • Junior without lights  $ 98.00

TRAINING – Off Peak Half Field

 7:00am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday (Clubs)

  • Senior without lights $ 65.00;
  • Junior without lights  $ 53.00

Individual Sessions

Half Field only, with maximum of 5 individuals.  Cost per head $ 15.00



  •  Senior with or without lights $ 50.00  ;
  •  Junior with or without lights $ 39.00


  • Games – Based on 90 minutes per game
  • Training – Based on 60 minutes sessions
  • Peak times are all times outside of off-peak times listed
  • Cancellations: – at least 72 hours NIL
    • at least 48 hours 25%;
    • less than 48 hours but more than 24 hours 50%;
    • less than 24 hours 75%
  • See Easts Hockey Tiger Turf Users Manual for further terms and conditions.
  • The Hirer agrees to all terms and conditions listed above and in the Easts Hockey TigerTurf User Manual.