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COVID Update

Return to play in August 2021

Here is the link to our EHTT COVID Safety Managment Return Aug 2021

and our COVID Safe Event Checklist.

The below information is our COVID documentation used before. This has just been left for reference purposes only.

Here is the link to our EHTT COVID Safety Managment v10. Please read this to understand the clubs approach and plans that are in place to keep you safe when using our facilities.

Please Download and fill this Attendance Register Form for EASTS Teams using the facilities. Please Download and fill in this Attendance Register Form for OTHER Clubs and Individuals using the facilities.
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Other useful documentation
ESHC Activity Acknowledgement under COVID-19 Restrictions (pdf)
ESHC COVID-19 Safety Plan AIS Stage 3 (pdf)
COVID-19 Restrictions Roadmap Stage 3 (pdf)
HQ Return-to-Hockey Guidelines BWHA Club (pdf)
HQ Return-to-Hockey Guidelines BWHA Club Venue Operators (pdf)
Return To Play Guidelines Under Stage 2 Restrictions (pdf)


Addendum 4

Coaches Check List


  • Before training resumes hold an information session via video conferencing with your players and parents.
  • Follow the HA guide of maximum two zones on a hockey pitch for 20 people per zone (both grass and turf apply).
  • Reinforce the rules at the start of each training session.
  • Run an activity that encourages players to come up with new appropriate ways to celebrate and congratulate each other. i.e. that don’t involve high fives, or being close to each other.
  • Share the information on protocols that must be followed at venues.
  • At all times reinforce the message ‘that if you feel unwell stay home’.


  • Physical condition and fitness training
  • Measuring base fitness (e.g. yo-yo test)
  • Receiving and distribution skills in line with the 1.5m social distancing
  • Goal shooting and goalkeeping skills


  • Not allowing sharing of personal equipment
  • Be prepared with cleaning solutions to clean equipment at the end of practice
  • Use hand sanitiser when entering and exiting the pitch
  • Bring your own water bottle and encourage players to do the same


  • Conducting training drills that are designed with social distancing measures in place – remain 1.5m apart at all times.
  • Not standing around close to other participants during or in between drills (e.g. when waiting in line/at a cone)
  • Once the session concludes, encourage participants to leave the facility immediately and not gather after training in the venue or car park
  • Accidental/unintentional contact may occur however must be avoided wherever possible.


Addendum 5.

Players Check List

Get in, train, get out

  • Download the COVIDSafe App
  • Keep up to date with the latest COVID-19 information in your State.
  • Get the Flu shot
  • Stay home if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms or have within the past 14 days. Be respectful, this will take time
  • Shower before and after training
  • Check in via attendance registers
  • Do not share personal equipment. i.e sticks, gloves
  • Only a coach or selected individual can handle communal gear i.e. cones and balls
  • Only use your labelled water bottle. Make sure filled as no water taps available.
  • Avoid physical contact i.e. handshake
  • No spitting, clearing nasal passages
  • Once finished please Exit the facilities promptly
  • Regularly wash and sanitise your hands
  • Keep a social distance of 1.5 metres apart
  • No contact drills
  • No team meetings to be held on the facilities
  • Only train in your zone
  • Stay in your car until 5-10 minutes before your due training session
  • Training sessions are 50 minutes on turf/grass. This includes your warmup.
  • No external warmups around fields allowed
  • No stick bags allowed. Goalkeepers to be dressed away from any person. Suggestion could be, before entering the facilities or at the designated areas as shown on the field maps.


Addendum 6.

Facilities Cleaning Check List

Cleaning Requirements

A full venue clean should be carried out on a weekly basis, with spot cleaning using sanitiser to be undertaken in line with small group training session timings e.g. after each session or end of nights play, the following will be sanitised:

  • Handrails
  • Sign in tables
  • Toilet facilities – including toilet lids, seats, cistern push buttons, toilet roll holders, doors, benches, hand dryers, paper towel.
  • Bins not to have lids and to be emptied
  • Where possible prop toilet doors open to limit touching handles. Where this is not possible for privacy reasons, place rubbish bins outside of toilet facilities to encourage patrons to open doors with hand towels then dispose of on exit
  • Paper towel, soap, and hand sanitiser levels to be monitored regularly

HQ recommends that a COVID Safe Coordinator is allocated to each session to take responsibility of completing the cleaning requirements before the next group arrives.